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Led by a growing coalition of entrepreneurs, investors, corporate innovators, entrepreneurial support organizations and others, Forge North is a movement to make Minneapolis-Saint Paul the best place to start and scale ventures that build wealth by solving global challenges.

I chose to be involved in Forge North because I think it’s important for us to have an intentional ecosystem, especially around entrepreneurship and small business. Being part of Forge North is an opportunity to contribute and add to that larger ecosystem.”

“We sit here with big, big scale problems. And if we’re going to solve these problems, it’s going to take scale. Scale comes from big companies, but it’s also going to take innovation. And often innovation is done in small companies. The coupling of these two is what ultimately I think is going to bring the big solve.”

“We didn’t design Forge North to be a new organization or a new program. We created it to get things done together.”

“Minneapolis-St. Paul has been one of the greatest communities that we could have ever been a part of.”

“Of all the people I’ve met since founding my startup, Minnesotans have been the most helpful

and genuinely supportive of my success. There’s a real devotion to making Minnesota a hub for

innovation and inclusion, and it’s backed up with accessible resources and funding.”

“Minnesota has a uniquely diverse business community and inclusive innovation ecosystem. Competitive organizations across many industries – from financial services to food – are working together every day to support the next big idea.”

“The startup ecosystem in Minneapolis-St. Paul is on the rise. The people are highly collaborative and supportive of one another, willing to make introductions for one another, provide mentorship and resources, and work collectively to advance the community.”

“Our startup community is growing by leaps and bounds, and take it to the next level we need lots of people involved with diverse perspectives. We have innovative problem solvers tackling opportunities across major sectors and they need our community to help them scale.”

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ICYMI: Check out this @KauffmanFDN feature of how our @forgenorthmn Strategic Initiative was built! Forge North builds trust, public and private sector collaboration, and is intentional about supporting new ventures led by racially diverse entrepreneurs.

Twin Cities Angels III, LLC is accepting applications for funding in advance of the upcoming screening committee deadline on Friday, August 6th at 5pm. To apply or learn more, follow this link:

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We're lucky to have such great startup ecosystem leaders in MN like @alaskacasey & @DaniellejSteer Thank you to @TECHdotMN for having me on your podcast today, we're excited @mndeed has reinvested in @LaunchMinnesota this year. 🚀

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