It is a painful week for our community in Minnesota as we mourn the loss of George Floyd. Our broken hearts go out to his family and friends and we stand in full support of seeking justice, and an end to injustice.

In a week where racial injustice is so prominently visible, we are speaking out to address the incident that occurred when Tom Austin, who has been associated with the venture capital community, racially profiled a group of black entrepreneurs on Wednesday. 

We, the Minnesota Venture Capital community, reject Tom Austin’s actions. We are writing to publicly affirm our values and our commitment to building an inclusive entrepreneurial community, with access for all. We are committed to broadening and demystifying the closed networks that usually accompany venture capital. Our doors are open, and to our communities of color and all underrepresented entrepreneurs – we stand by you. And we intend to work tirelessly to continue to level the playing field for access to capital in our community.

With our support:

Some members of the Minnesota Venture Capital Community

Tanmay Agarwal, Atland Ventures
Hunter Babcock, Atland Ventures
Greg Beaufait, Dundee VC
Jenna Bosell, Atland Ventures
Brett Brohl, The Syndicate Fund
Ryan Broshar, Matchstick Ventures
Brittany Clements, Allianz Life Ventures
Cathy Connett, Sofia Fund
Lisa Crump, Sofia Fund/Cairn Ventures
David Dalvey, Brightstone Venture Capital
Andrew Felbinger, Urban Innovation Fund
Mary Grove
Jeff Hinck, Rally Ventures
Michael Hoffman, Excelsior Ventures
Joy Lindsay, Sofia Fund/StarTec Investments
Pradip Madan, Great North Labs
Kevin McArdle, SureSwift Capital, Tech.MN
Patrick Meenan, Arthur Ventures
Andrew Murphy, Loup Ventures
Mike Proman, Scrum Ventures
Matthew Risley, QED Investors
David Russick, Gopher Angels
Josef Siebert, Great North Labs
Dee Thibodeau, Sofia Fund
Rob Weber, Great North Labs
Ryan Weber, Great North Labs

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