Compass Team

The Forge North Compass Team is a group of entrepreneurs, investors, collaborators, and allies committed to working together to steer this people-powered movement to make Minnesota the problem-solving capital of the new economy. While each of them is affiliated with different organizations, they show up to work together as people with diverse skills, experiences, and perspectives that make them even better problem solvers.

Learn more about the team by what they bring to their work together - then sign up to learn more about how to join them as a member.

Founder. Advisor. Mom.
— Jen Alstad
Listener. Veteran. Father.
— Tim O'Neil
Young. Student. Minority.
— Bharat Pulgam
Innovation catalyst. Startup evangelist. Driven disruptor.
— Dakota Crow
Passion. Belief. Perspective.
— Scott Moore
Community oriented. Builder. Advocate.
— Maria Ploessl
Corporate Ally. Motivated Transplant. Connector.
— Liz Carraro
Flexibility. Adaptability. Curiosity.
— Felipa Cespedes
Strategic. Part-Time Stepmom. Managing Anxiety.
— Jess Berg
Sales. Connector. Listener.
— Frank Jaskulke
Economic development ally. Connector. Storyteller.
— Matt Lewis
Successful entrepreneur. Problem solver. Not originally from Minnesota.
— Brett Brohl
Entrepreneur interested in creating more inclusive work environments. Software developer. Collaborator.
— Caroline Karanja
Economic development. Helper. Connector.
— Marcq Sung
Passion to drive change. Industry experience. Mom.
— Lauren Pradhan
Founder. Social impact designer. Perpetually unsettled.
— Elliott Payne
Founder. Beta.MN. Agitator.
— Reed Robinson
Empathetic. Doer. Helper.
— Damola Ogundipe
Problem solver. Facilitator. Runner.
— Justin Freiberg