The North is different – it’s a place where ideas are nurtured, community is valued, opportunities are created, and problems aren’t just discussed – they’re worked on – and solved. See for yourself.

Minneapolis ranked second best city for startups

Each year, M25 Group ranks cities across the Midwest tech economy. This year, Minneapolis ranked as the second best city for startups based on how active the tech community is, the size and quality of the network, access to resources, the…

Minneapolis ranked third in Top Cities for Entrepreneurs and Startups put together their picks for top startup cities in 2018 based on factors such as young adult dwellers, higher education, local employment, income vs rent and startup surges. Minneapolis came in at #3. Of the top 10, Minneapolis’s…

Minneapolis ranked #7 of Best U.S. Cities for Startups That Aren’t New York or San Francisco ranked top cities for startups outside of New York and San Fransico, looking at eight metrics that impacted the survival and growth of ventures. Minneapolis ranked #7. Read more here.

Minnesota jumps 13 spots to 15th best market for venture capital

According to a 2017 report by Chartio, looking at five years of VC funding data Minnesota jumps 13 spots to the 15th best market for venture capital in the United States. This happened while states like Colorado, Tennessee, Texas, and Illinois…

Minneapolis ranked #9 in US Cities with most startup growth

The Kauffman Index offers in-depth measures of the people and businesses that contribute to America's overall economic dynamism. In 2017, Minneapolis ranked #9 in US Cities with the most startup growth and #6 in Main Street Entrepreneurship,…

Minneapolis one of 15 best cities for entrepreneurs to live and launch

In 2016, Entrepreneur Magazine partnered with to discover which cities were the best places for entrepreneurs to launch a business and live comfortably. Minneapolis ranked among the top 15. Read more here.

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