MSP #1 in New Biz Starts and #21 in Inc. Surge Cities Index

Today, Inc. and Startup Genome put out a report on the 50 Best Places in America to Start a Business. Minneapolis-St. Paul was ranked #21 on the list, which analyzed seven key indicators. See how Minneapolis-St. Paul stacks up below and learn more by checking out the complete Surge Cities Index.

Shout out to all the Minnesota companies mentioned. It’s absolutely incredible the caliber of startups, corporations and support organizations like these that make Minnesota such a great place to start and grow businesses. Learn more about these amazing organizations below.

MinneInno’s 19 MN Startups to Watch in 2019

Each year, MinneInno publishes a list of startups doing big things to keep an eye on in the year to come. We’re excited to see what these incredible Minnesota entrepreneurs, innovators and problem-solvers do in 2019! Learn more about all 19 startups on MinneInno or on their websites:

Nice Healthcare
Take 12
Omnia Fishing
Bind Benefits
Atland Ventures
Bright Health
Love Your Melon
Total Expert

HabitAware Keen Makes TIME List of Best Inventions 2018

Each year, TIME highlights inventions making the world a better place. Minnesotan Annela Idnani is doing just that as the founder of HabitAware! Her Keen bracelets help kick bad habits, a product she developed after 20 years struggling with stress-induced hair pulling. The company is on track to surpass $1 million in sales this year and recently secured a $300,000 grant from the National Institutes of Mental Health to further its research into breaking bad habits.

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Minneapolis ranked second best city for startups

Each year, M25 Group ranks cities across the Midwest tech economy. This year, Minneapolis ranked as the second best city for startups based on how active the tech community is, the size and quality of the network, access to resources, the number of startups and their success rates, and other factors such as the cost of living and talent pool.

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Minneapolis ranked third in Top Cities for Entrepreneurs and Startups put together their picks for top startup cities in 2018 based on factors such as young adult dwellers, higher education, local employment, income vs rent and startup surges.

Minneapolis came in at #3. Of the top 10, Minneapolis’s start-up growth was the highest, a remarkable 121.3%.

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Minneapolis ranked #7 of Best U.S. Cities for Startups That Aren’t New York or San Francisco ranked top cities for startups outside of New York and San Fransico, looking at eight metrics that impacted the survival and growth of ventures. Minneapolis ranked #7.

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Minnesota jumps 13 spots to 15th best market for venture capital

According to a 2017 report by Chartio, looking at five years of VC funding data Minnesota jumps 13 spots to the 15th best market for venture capital in the United States. This happened while states like Colorado, Tennessee, Texas, and Illinois lost market share.

Read more from our friends at Medical Alley or take a look at the full report here.

Minneapolis ranked #9 in US Cities with most startup growth

The Kauffman Index offers in-depth measures of the people and businesses that contribute to America’s overall economic dynamism.

In 2017, Minneapolis ranked #9 in US Cities with the most startup growth and #6 in Main Street Entrepreneurship, measuring established small business activity.

Learn more here or listen to a recap of the results from our friends at Rochester Rising.

Minneapolis one of 15 best cities for entrepreneurs to live and launch

In 2016, Entrepreneur Magazine partnered with to discover which cities were the best places for entrepreneurs to launch a business and live comfortably. Minneapolis ranked among the top 15.

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