For generations, Minnesota has been leading the way to the future of food. Today, we’re home to five of the world’s largest food & agriculture companies, a hub of food & agriculture talent, and home to thousands of career opportunities. But that doesn’t mean we have all the great ideas.

Many of the world’s leading food and agriculture companies call Minnesota home because they were able to solve global problems from right here. As a result, Minnesota is uniquely equipped to engage the world’s food and agriculture entrepreneurs and innovators in a challenge to tackle some of the next big challenges.

On March 27, hundreds of food and agriculture executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and allies including the Governor of Minnesota, gathered at the first-ever “Open Innovation Reverse Pitch” organized by the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (or AURI).

The centerpiece of the AURI event included 15 challenges from some of the world’s most innovative food and agriculture companies like General Mills, Land O’Lakes, Cargill, Syngenta, Schwan’s, Ecolab, Hormel, and Compeer Financial.

Challenges included new uses for dairy by-products, gamification models for farm management, bison and regenerative agriculture, and personalized protein snacks.

Are you a food & ag innovator with a solution to one of these or other top challenges in the industry? Browse the challenges put forth by the companies and share your solution by following the instructions at

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