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Cultivating Inclusive Work Cultures

A commitment to diversity and inclusion is critical for companies who want to attract top-notch talent and build world-class teams. However, simply stating that commitment is not enough.

An inclusive culture is one which people from all backgrounds are included and can contribute to various aspects of the organization to create a more productive and successful organization.

** Attendees will get a handbook on recruiting and retaining employees in the Minneapolis/St Paul area and specific actions and organizations they can take today for each step from recruiting to elevating individuals.


Day 1 (June 19th 8am - 11:30am)

- During this workshop, you will:

  1. Do an overall organization assessment to create a baseline
  2. Draft an inclusion statement
  3. Create a plan to address your organization’s specific needs
  4. Find methods to measure impact and define success
  5. Build your professional network

Day 2 (June 20th 8am - 11:30am)

- During this workshop, you will:

  1. Have the option to do a personal assessment and organizational assessment
  2. Learn the key facets of cultural competence
  3. Develop strategies and ways to increase your organization's cultural competence and based on the assessment results, get a development plan
  4. Key steps to take today to create a more inclusive workplace
  5. Build your professional network

This interactive, three-hour workshop, taught by Caroline Karanja of 26 Letters, will provide guidance on building diversity and inclusion initiatives that foster genuine and authentic connections throughout your organization and the broader community. Whether your company is just getting started with articulating your commitment to diversity and inclusion, or looking to expand on existing efforts, this vision and strategy workshop is for you. Bring your whole team for maximum impact.

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