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We are working together to


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Connecting people throughout the community from bottom up, top down, and outside in

The right connection at the right time unlocks incredible opportunities to solve big problems. From founder to founder, startup to investor, collaborator to collaborator, and so on, our team is working to strengthen connections across everything from industry to neighborhood.

We will measure things like assists to show our collective success.


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Sharing our community's stories on a global stage starting by promoting our people

The problem solvers in the North are the world's leaders. From health and medical to food and agriculture to enterprise technology and beyond, big problems are solved here by people who vote, volunteer, give, and contribute at the nation-leading rates.

We will measure things like mentions to show our collective success.


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Including more voices and perspectives across our community by encouraging a culture of invitation

Entrepreneurs, investors, collaborators, and allies all have different perspectives. Radical inclusion should be core to all efforts. From measurable improvements in capital for women and people of color to community invitations that include everyone, we're on the journey.

We will measure things like people's perceptions and experiences to show our collective success.


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Tipping conversations toward action by investing in community ideas to strengthen the ecosystem

Greater ambition isn't enough to drive change. We need to drive action to see results. We are launching, supporting, and executing projects that encourage partnership and lead to results that will advance our ecosystem. Our team is inviting ideas from the community.

We will measure the results of our projects to share key insights the community can scale.