A movement of entrepreneurs, investors, makers, collaborators, and allies from all industries and sectors working together to make Minnesota the problem-solving capital of the new economy.


Minnesota is the best place in the world to start ventures, solve problems, and scale impact.


We accelerate growth by inclusively connecting and proudly celebrating the individuals and organizations growing Minnesota ventures, and we equip these partners with tools to measure progress and dream bigger together.


  • We believe collaboration is necessary, because no individual or organization leads an ecosystem
  • We embrace economic diversity as a strength, because new and scaling ventures include tech, but also food, health care, retail, finance, and much more
  • We intentionally prioritize inclusion, because people drive our success, and we acknowledge the inequities that exist among people in our community
  • We operate with open networks, because the best idea can come from anywhere, and work to drive communities forward should be transparent and clear
  • We celebrate each other, because the success of one individual or organization in Minnesota is a win for everyone when it advances our goals
  • We track our performance, because the measures that matter to our partners may differ, but we value shared understanding of where we are today, and where we are headed

Special thanks to partners who worked to build out this coalition, including: Jeffrey Aguy, Jen Alstad, Eddie Baeb, Don Ball, Jessica Berg, Marcus Bolen, Brett Brohl, Melissa Carmichael, Elizabeth Carraro, Brandon Champeau, Adam Choe, Cathy Connett, Dakota Crow, Mandy Ellerton, Justin Freiberg, Mary Grove, Shawntera Hardy, Amanda Heyman, Aneela Idnani, Ben Ihde, Frank Jaskulke, Caroline Karanja, Melissa Kjolsing, Dan Linstroth, Steve London, Eric Martell, Scott Moore, Alisa Mulhair, Sibi Murugesan, Sam Ndely, Dana Nelson, David Ness, Aleckson Nyamway, Conner O’Brien, Tim O’Neil, Phuong O’Neil, Damola Ogundipe, Trina Olson, Marcus Owens, Elliott Payne, Shauen Pearce, Nels Pederson, Maria Ploessl, Lauren Pradhan, Bharat Pulgam, Stephanie Rich, Mary Rick, Reed Robinson, Alex Rodriguez, Skye Rossi, Sara Russick, Josef Siefert, Lily Shaw, Jess Stalbaum, Danielle Steer, Meg Steuer, Tom Strohm, Marcq Sung, Santiago Vallejo, Sarah Van Slyke, Rob Weber, Ryan Weber, Alfonso Wenker, and dozens of other contributors to peer groups and projects.